Most of the Android devices provide you simple stock os which is almost impossible to customize. If you are getting bored from the home screen of your device and want to try something new Nova Launcher Prime is one of the best solution for you. But there is a slight problem Nova Launcher is a paid app you have to pay for it to use its unique features. From This site you can download Nova Launcher prime for your Android device free of cost. With Nova Launcher Prime you can get the unique custom look features to your device and design it according to your own need and give it a new shape and look.

Best Things About Nova Launcher Prime:

The following are the two main best points about Nova launcher Prime.

  • Nova launcher prime is 100% safe and secure launcher for your android device.
  • Nova Launcher Prime is totally free of ads. There are not even a single ad in the Nova Launcher prime not even in the launcher panel. The problem with other launchers is that they show different ads while you are performing different important tasks.

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The following are one of the unique features of Nova Launcher Prime.

  • Ads free.
  • Icon themes.
  • Best widget drawer for users.
  • App drawer can be customized.
  • Enables users to position subgrid.
  • Data restore and backup when needed.
  • Import different layout.
  • Widgets in dock.
  • Scrollable dock.
  • Infinite scroll.
  • Different Gestures for using different features.
  • Hide unused apps.
  • Icon swipes.
  • Counts unread messages.

Additional Information:

The following is some additional information about Nova Launcher Prime.

  • Its total size is 9 MB.
  • Current version is 5.5.3.
  • Nova Launcher Prime don’t require any rooting.
  • Nova Launcher Prime can be used on Android version of 4.0 and above.

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