This article is a complete guide regarding the methods of getting or downloading epub file format on any novel and book. This Post includes 3 basic methods which are use of Converters, Using EpubEbooks and Buying From Amazon.

This guide will include stepwise method for using these process and guide you about the preferred version in different circumstance.

how to find epub books

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Downloading Epub File From Through Different Methods:


1- Using Converter Method:

It a simple method but it takes a few more steps than the other two methods. In this method, you would be using any free online ebook converter to convert pdf version of the book or novel to epub. This method is good and easy because PDF versions are easily available out there, so you can download them and then convert them into epub following these steps:

  • Download or Copy the Url of PDF version of the book or novel.
  • Search for any online converter by typing “Online free pdf to epub converter” in google.
  • Upload your file in the converter.
  • Start the process and then download the epub version.

2- Using Epubebooks:

This is another great and easy method for getting epub files. is a free online store which provides epub formats of all popular novels and books for free. You can simply search for them through the search bar of the site and download the epub directly.

Epubebooks includes all books of different novel series like A Song of Ice And Fire Epub Books, Harry Potters Epub Books and all other popular series and novels, So you can use it for direct download.

3- Buying From Amazon:

This method is not free and will charge you for the epub version. You can use Amazon ebook section for downloading the epub version of any book. This method is simple. You will only have to search for the required book and pay and you will get your epub. The prices of books vary and each one carries its own tag. You can use credit card, Amazon gift or PayPal for paying for these books.


we have covered both free and paid methods for downloading epub of books and novels in this article. Now it’s up to you to decide which methods choose you the best.

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