The Yonex company was established in Japan in the year 1946. There are a lot of brands available in the markets but professionals usually uses Yonex rackets because of their high quality and performance. But buyers should take extra care before buying any Yonex racket because all of them are not suitable for every person it depends on your level of experience for beginners there are different Yonex rackets while for experts there are different.

Costly Badminton Rackets

Here is a list of top high quality and expensive rackets of Yonex:

Voltric Z Force II:

Voltric is one of the best series in Yonex badminton. The rackets of this series are suitable for both single and double play game. Voltric Z Force II provides you high power and full control because of tri- voltage system and thin shaft like features. This racket is one of the best rackets for smashes.

Voltric 80 E- Tuen:

This racket is suitable for offensive play if you want more fast and speedy smashes this is a racket for you. This racket is basically stiff with power and speed. This racket is made up of high quality graphite and with a proper string tension of 20 -30 lbs which give a plus point for offensive strikes.

Arcsaber i- Slash:

Yonex got different series and Arcsaber series is quite different from the other series because of its special design. The difference in its design is because it don’t immedietly hit the shuttlecock but rather holds the shuttle for a few moments to store its energy and then releases. This racket is lighter and got a very smart body from others.

Nanoray 900:

The best thing about this racket is it not only give power and energy to the shuttlecock but also changes the angle of the shuttle when you hit. Its best for smashes because it not hits the shuttle upward but downward hence improves your ability for game winning smashes.

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